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Public Media Commons


St. Louis, MO


Cultural and Institutional


Public Media Commons in St. Louis, Missouri is an interactive open space where arts, education and public media come together. The Commons provides multiple seating areas, including an amphitheater that accommodates performance stages for small groups. In addition, the design features a large projection screen for events and installations, as well as a rich plant palette that hearkens to Missouri’s native prairie landscape. A grove of Black Gum trees sits at the top of the stairs, providing a shady overlook into the commons.


Pre-cast concrete unit pavers are configured in an abstract sound wave pattern, as the site is located between radio and television stations. Important events can be broadcast from the station and projected onto the large projection screen for public viewing.

The planting plan was developed in coordination with the Missouri Botanic Garden. The location of the planting takes advantage of the grade change to create a layered effect while also providing a buffer to the alley. Plant species were selected based on their seasonal qualities to complement the ever changing news and media cycles of the networks.

44 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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