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MARSHES Initiative


Staten Island, NY


Parks and Infrastructure


New York State Economic Development Corporation’s Mitigation and Restoration Strategies for Habitat and Ecological Sustainability (MARSHES) is a broad initiative to explore policies and strategies that enhance and protect New York City’s coastal resources while balancing sustainable waterfront development.

DLANDstudio is assisting in developing an ecological assessment methodology, feasibility study and design of the MARSHES Initiative Pilot Project in Staten Island.


The MARSHES Initiative’s three goals include facilitating larger wetland restoration in ecologically sensitive coastal areas, fostering more predictable and timely permit approvals, and providing greater regulatory certainty of the ecological success of wetland mitigation projects. The Staten Island Pilot Project is set to become New York City’s first wetland mitigation bank.

The phased project will culminate in the long-term stewardship of the restoration site in Staten Island at Saw Mill Creek.

Project designed with Louis Berger Associates.

44 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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