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Project location

Montreal, QC, Canada


Research and Planning


Transit built Montreal, but left it wounded. Streams are buried and flood plains paved. Open spaces are fragmented and unviable as habitat. Neighborhoods are disconnected. But design can heal. DLANDstudio developed a proposal entitled ‘Infra-sutures’ in response to an international ideas competition, YUL-MTL: Moving Landscapes, in which designers were asked to develop strategic visions for a 17 km corridor connecting the Montreal-Trudeau Airport to downtown Montreal. Infra-sutures was one of three winning proposals.

In this proposal DLANDstudio looked at local infrastructure along this corridor and proposed transformative infra-sutures that generate sustainable urbanism, support productive economies, enable alternative energies, restore natural hydrology and reconnect habitats. Infra-sutures change not only the productive capacity of transportation infrastructure, but they also create a new paradigm of experience for the city of the future.

The study conducted in Montreal is a prototypical approach that can easily be applied to the thousands of miles of interstate highway, stretching across North America.

Winning Submission for YUL-MTL: Moving Landscapes International Ideas Competition

Project video completed in collaboration with Trollback + Company.

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