HOLD SYSTEM: Flushing Bay

Queens, NY

DLANDstudio is developing Highway Outfall Landscape Detention (HOLD) Systems to collect and filter storm water from highway scuppers. They are planted, modular green infrastructure systems that absorb and filter pollutants such as oil, heavy metals and grease out of contaminated outfalls, rendering run off much cleaner as it is released into drains and waterways. The systems’ ability to retain water during heavy rain will also help reduce CSO outputs.  The selected plant palate will help to break down or absorb copper, lead, cadmium, hydrocarbons, zinc and iron commonly found in the run-off. Specially calibrated soils maximize plant productivity and create the ideal level of drainage for citywide storm water management needs.

HOLD Systems are designed for easy transport and deployment, and can be quickly and easily installed in hard to reach, hard to drain areas along interstate highways. HOLD Systems can remediate the impact that our highway infrastructure makes on the hydrologic cycle of neighboring areas. Three prototypes are currently in production, each adapted for water-table height, permeability and the availability of sun.

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